Rotterdam (NL) — LP


Codirection; Music Production; Remixing

Artistic Director: Lavinia XausaCo-director: Ismael LoWith Neusa Gomes, De Droominee (Rik Zutphen), Kiki Luitwieler, Kevtendencies (Kevin Josias) , Yung Dee (Delano Overeem), Astri (Ismael Lo), Kenny Gomes, Highrfreeqncs (Jephan Esseboom) , Syphard (Syphard Willem), Adeiye Tjon, SliscobarMix Master: Big Jay Recording Studio Jetson SoundzGraphic Designer: Oana Clitan

Off-Shore is an extension of the concepts and musical places of Further Than Hip Hop. It guides the listeners on a journey between spoken word, hip hop and poetry.
A vivid palette of sounds, experiences and points of view paints a coral representation of some of the Netherland's the most controversial present and history, including its relationship with colonialism and racial discrimination.

Off-Shore will be available for streaming later in the year.


2020 // Listening Sessions: Off Shore, Tent, Rotterdam (NL)