Il Luogo Sembra Introvabile

Camilla Giachetta, Milan (IT), Rome (IT) — Site-specific Installation


Sound Design; Mixing; Installation Support

Il Luogo Sembra Introvabile, Outside Gallery, Rome (IT)

> Camilla Giachetta is inspecting the up-to-date habits and the new ways of experiencing the discovery of places, generally considered as memorable. In this peculiar case, the study is focused on Rome, the eternal city. The site-specific installation “Il luogo sembra introvabile” reflects on a typical situation that could be lived by the contemporary human being, using video and audio. [...]

The artist centered her work on marching through the city, her movement depends completely on the instructions provided by mobile devices. The effect produced is that our perspective is limited to the virtual reality of the discovered places, our sight is compelled on the reproduced images which appear on the devices so that the act of hearing is amplified proportionally. Through the act of hearing she aimed to obtain a cognition as accurate as possible. The tourist, the millenial, can’t take advantage of the possibility to lose his way and get in unknown places, as the notion of unknown has turned out to be quite meaningless. [...]

The installation leads the user to question whether the site-specificity has kept his importance in [their understanding of the piece], and through the use of sound, [made starting from] the recordings of places with a strong identity in the [Italian] Capital. <

Alice Lamperti, Martina Marchese


2016 // Il Luogo Sembra Introvabile, Outside Gallery, Rome (IT)