Ismael Lo is a digital artist, sound designer and music producer based in Berlin. 

He conjures lively sounds for videos, installations, and performances, and stresses computers out creating digital art. In music he goes as Astri, roaming the lands between Hip-Hop and electronic music.

His works mirror his fascination for natural and human systems and design, as well as his predilection for sampling and remixing as methods of analysis and interpretation. He blends traditional techniques with every variety of sampling and with curated procedural and chance based elements. Sometimes he seeks comfort in sonic scapes and images echoing the quiet serenity of space and inspired by the incredible organised chaos of humans exploring new frontiers.


Works and collaborations have been presented at:

2022 // Pistoia Riletta: Open Studios, Pistoia (IT)

2022 // International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2021 // Test Lab & Kunstavond, V2_ Lab for Unstable Media, Rotterdam (NL) with Oana Clitan

2021 // Was uns betrifft // Wat ons betreft, Het Archief, Rotterdam (NL) with Oana Clitan

2020 // Stoner. Landing Pages - curated by Cinzia Compalati and Andrea Zanetti, MuDEV, Palazzo Pretorio, Certaldo (IT) with Eleonora Roaro

2020 // Joined Narratives, Tent, Rotterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2020 // Listening Sessions: Off Shore, Tent, Rotterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa, Neusa Gomes, De Droominee (Rik Zutphen), Kiki Luitwieler, Kevtendencies (Kevin Josias) , Yung Dee (Delano Overeem), Kenny Gomes, Highrfreeqncs (Jephan Esseboom) , Syphard (Syphard Willem), Adeiye Tjon, Sliscobar

2020 // Generation Z, Noorderlicht Festival, Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen, (NL ) with Lavinia Xausa

2020 // Through the looking glass, Garage Rotterdam(NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2020 // Blind spot, Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2020 // Covid Room, Online with Lavinia Xausa

2020 // Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda, Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2019 // Binge at Fringe, Brakkere Ground, Amsterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2019 // Time Window Testival, Time Window, Rotterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2018 // Open Doek Festival, Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2018 // Testival, Time Window, Rotterdam, (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2017 // Really Real, Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL) with Lavinia Xausa

2017 // Really Real, Organ Vida, Zagreb (HR) with Lavinia Xausa

2017 // Just Good Friends - The Reunion of Common Things, Hotel Premuda, Spotorno (IT)

2016 // Stoner. Landing Pages - curated by Cinzia Compalati and Andrea Zanetti, Alviani ArtSpace, Pescara (IT) with Eleonora Roaro

2016 // Il Luogo sembra Introvabile, Outside Gallery, Rome (IT)  with Camilla Giachetta

2016 // Forever Yours – The Wedding, Galleria Menhir, Milan (IT)  with Eleonora Roaro

2016 // Forever Yours – His Desk, Alviani Art Space, Pescara (IT)  with Eleonora Roaro


BA in Sound Engineering and Music Production
2014 - 2017  // dBs Music Berlin, University of St.Mark and St. John's


Pistoia RIletta
2022 // Fondazione Jorio Vivarelli, Pistoia (IT)

YGBI Residency
2022  // Black History Month, Firenze (IT)


L.O.S.T. Award for Best Soundtrack
for So Loud The Sky Can Hear Us
2022 // Lago Film Festival, Lago (IT) 


Round Table YGBI: una risposta secca
2022 // Manifestiamo conference, Villa Romana, Firenze (IT)