Further Than Hip Hop

Lavinia Xausa, Rotterdam (NL) — Art Video, Spoken Word

2019 - 2020

Sound Design; Audio Editing; Composition; Research and documentation; Instrumental recording

Lavinia Xausa - Further Than Hip Hop [still]

> Rap is the first pillar of Hip Hop culture. When stripped of its mainstream image it is a hugely powerful medium to communicate through words. In Further than Hip Hop rap lyrics are used as a lens to examine and describe the multicultural landscape in The Netherlands.

This participated video artwork aims to understand these phenomena through the juxtaposition of two emblematic figures: namely, the Missionaries and the Rappers.

These characters are both identified as the carriers of a message: the Missionaries, who used to spread “The Word” out to the colonies, and the Rappers, bringing “The Word” back to the city.

This historical cycle gives the structure to an actual video opera where the spoken word artists find the room to express their vision and experience as the young bridge-generation between different continents and cultures. <


Lavinia Xausa - Further than Hip Hop [trailer]


2020 // Joined Narratives, Tent, Rotterdam (NL)

2020 // Generation Z, Noorderlicht Festival, Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen, (NL)

2019 // Time Window Testival, Time Window, Rotterdam (NL)
2019 // Binge at Fringe, Brakkere Ground, Amsterdam (NL)